Close Combat, Combat Hapkido,MMA

         ki cho il jang  form 1

            ki cho e jang form 2


 1. 30 ea push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks

2. Basic punches single, double, triple

3. Basic hand grab, (Make fist, lift fist toward your ear, point elbow at attacker's face, break free, hammer fist to attacker's face).

4. Bear hug defense from behind, ( At the same time, drop down, lift both arms, break free, elbow to soloplex, reach around grab skin over kidney, 

pull attacker's hips into your hips, palm heel under chin, take down).

5. Headlock defense, ( Cover face to defend against punch,reach around grab attacker's eye,place leg behind attacker's leg,punch in groin,take down with the hand in the eye).

6. Foundation forms 1 & 2

7. Hand to Hand 1 & 2 (1. Open hand,pull in toward hip and down,break free,knife hand back at attacker's neck,grab shoulder,uppercut ribs).

(2. Open hand, pull attacker's arm straight, hit elbow with elbow knocking arm out of way,elbow to ribs).

8. Self Defense 1 & 2 (1. Knife hand block incoming punch grab wrist,step in reverse knife hand to neck,keeping a hold of wrist move stationary knife hand to temple).

(2. Knife hand block incoming punch grab wrist, step in front of opponent, let go of wrist punch in face, double punch soloplex).

9.  Kicking combo - stretch kick, snap kick, 45, out-in, in-out, sidekick

10. Gun defense #1 from front attack, (Side step grab gun push away,grab gun with other hand twist in toward attacker,take away, smash back in face.