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Here is what past and present students have to say.




My interest in martial arts began about seven years ago, it started as I learned hand to hand fighting techniques while I was serving in the Army. I studied Karate for a while from a franchise/chain dojo and I’ve also done Mixed Martial Arts or MMA. I’ve learned some great moves from my past experiences, however I’ve been doing Close Combat for about a year now, and the techniques that I’ve been taught while in Close Combat are what I would use while defending myself in a confrontation. My experiences with Close Combat have taught me brutal, effective, yet simple techniques that are reality based. I’m not a martial artist that you would see on TV performing superhuman kicks and strikes, I’m actually just an average guy. But I also have a confidence in what I have learned and continue to learn while training in Close Combat to defend myself. Anyone can do it; average guys like me, women, children, it doesn’t matter. It works for anybody willing to learn!

 Kevin N.



I started with close combat not knowing what to really expect. I started to train once a weak. The knowledge I learned from training was more than valuable. I learned techniques and knowledge I would have never even thought of. I learned how the human body could become a tool for self defense. If my life was being threatened, the techniques I learned would become most valuable assets. I trained for almost a year and feel more confident about my ability to protect myself against danger from a majority of attacks. I believe in close combat and its use to keep myself safe. Master Eastman is a most affective teacher and his style of teaching allowed me to learn and master moves effectively. I recommend close combat to anyone who wants to learn a great form of self protection.

Henry Y.


Our church asked Master Eastman to come and share some self defense lessons with our group of teenage girls.  I was expecting that he was just going to show us how to defend ourselves.  But his lessons were also very informative.  He taught us how to be more aware and to think about things you don’t usually think about.  He also did share some great techniques that were easy to learn.  Our girls had a blast and went home with a better understanding about how important it is to have a plan in mind if you find yourself in a bad situation.   Even though the class was for the girls, I found myself extremely interested in what he was teaching.  So did the other adults that were present.  If you have a group or just want your family to learn self defense, I highly recommend Master Eastman’s Close Combat.



I had a love and interest in the martial arts since I was a child, but it wasn't until later in life that I was able to actually able to pursue learning martial arts.  I had studied at another local school for a couple of years where I didn't really feel that I was learning and didn't really progress.  As well as I didn't see eye to eye with one of the instructors.  As an adult learning a martial art, I didn't need to be "punished" for not doing something right or assumptions being made about my personal life.  I was there to learn and to train.  It was very frustrating to me because this was an important to me.  I could motivate myself and didn't need to be treated like one of the kids.  So, I quit.  
It wasn't until a friend of mine suggested that I needed to get back into martial arts because he knew I missed it, but didn't want to go back to the school I started at.  He suggested I go and talk to Jack.  I was a bit guarded at first based on my first experience.  Jack was very professional and right to the point.  He explained that he had a background in Taekwondo, but Close Combat was more his focus.  A few months later, I walked into his gym, and never left.  (And probably never will!)
I chose to study under Sir Jack because he was able to provide me with the traditional art of Taekwondo, which I love, but also he has opened my eyes to Close Combat.  Close Combat is an art that is practical as well as direct and to the point.  Also, it is a system of self defense that is based on reality. After training for three years with Sir Jack, I feel more confident that I now have a real "fighting chance" to take care of myself if the situation should come up. 
Make no mistake about it, Close Combat is the real thing. 
Kimberly "Shorty" LeRoux
"It's about time we took matters into our own hands. Or Machetes.  Whatever."


Sir Jack is a wonderful instructor. He has taught me and given me a gift of confidence, self-awareness and self-dependence. I am a woman, and I can proudly say that I feel 110% comfortable knowing that I can protect myself going out into the streets with the knowledge that Sir Jack has taught me. I’ve learned to how to defend myself from multiple attackers as well as attackers with knives and guns. Close Combat is an art that came out during WWII when soldiers had no more ammo for their guns and had to rely on their bodies to keep themselves alive from attackers. This art gets straight to the point on how effectively to execute the moves. The best part is, it’s simple and easy to remember. I have even taught my ten year old sister how to defend herself. Sadly, with all the crimes and kidnapping that you hear in the news, it is almost needed to have some sort of plan if you ever find yourself in harm’s way. If you have ever thought about taking a self-defense class, don’t think any longer, just DO IT! It is totally worth it, and I cannot see myself without this knowledge. I thank Sir Jack for his knowledge. He loves what he teaches and truly loves to see your progress.     


I began taking Self Defense with Master Jack Eastman in 2006. He then introduced me to Close Combat. I really enjoy the real life scenarios we were put in, in our classes. Practicing Close Combat gave me so much confidence. I always wanted a strong background in fighting and Close Combat gave me that edge. It is definitely the right style for me being a militaristic art combined with mixed martial arts from all different styles. This art is meant for the street or in a horrible situation you might find yourself in. The classes are full of knife takeaway techniques, knife fighting, gun takeaways, devastating combos and all real life scenario situations. I don’t regret one single class I went to over the years and now I am a Black Belt in Close Combat with Master Jack Eastman.