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Pete: Real world defense is crucial in any situation.

After working in corrections teaching crisis intervention, working as a security officer and body

guard for many high-profile people, Pete started his training in Combat Hopkido,

receiving his L-1 and L-2 Instructor status and opened his first Martial Arts school teaching Self Defense and sport MMA.

Making this Pete's main focus, he started competing in sport fighting

where he won many championships worldwide along with his students.

He opened up Kage-n-Steel Self Defense Combat Hapkido Center and has continued teaching

Self Defense and sport MMA rearing 28 U.S. world champions in MMA stand up Fighting.

In 2002, Pete was recognized as one of 205 elite Black Belt instructors in the world and was inducted into the Who's Who

in Combat Hapkido First Edition. He believes that with the right tools and determination, anyone can gain the

knowledge to become a master of defense.


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