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Master Instructor, Jack  Eastman has studied reality Self Defense for over 30 years Earning his 5th Degree from Master Scott Davis. Master Davis spent his life Mastering a fighting system known as Defendu or "Gutter Fighting" and improving on it with modern techniques to create his own system, "Underground Street Fighting" only teaching it to a select group of students.

Master Eastman has also had the privilege over the years to train with many accomplished Martial Artist. He also studied Close Combat techniques
and the teachings of the late Carl Cestari, Fairbairns and Col. Rex Applegate, studying all the material he could find on the subject. keeping up on all of the latest teachings through video and book and anyone who had knowledge to share on the subject.

In 2005 he decided to study a traditional art. After much searching he found Master Marlo Dagpin.  He studied under Master Marlo in the art of Tae Kwon Do, Competing and winning Gold and Silver medals in many local and state competitions
. Earning the rank of 2nd Dan Black Belt. He is a member of the Independent Martial Art Association and a new member of the Combat Hapkido Federation. He has given many public speeches and seminars on Self Defense and continues to teach reality street defense and Untraditional Tae Kwon Do.



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