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With all of the violent crime we keep hearing about in the media almost every day, and the dozens of crimes we don't ever hear about, have you thought about what to do if it ever happens to you or your family? Could you stop an attack?  Do you know how?  Will you know what to do?  Will you be able to defend your family?  Let me show you how.  Come learn self defense that could one day save your life and the lives of your loved ones.  Close Combat...... Call today!

We offer a one time 1 to 2 hr class to teach Close Combat basics. This class is only  scheduled as a private Lesson, and is limited to 10 people per class at the gym, or as many people as you would like in your home or business.  We will work with groups that are stuck to a  budget to make this work for you.

Please, Reserve an evening for your

Family to learn together,  Bring a  group

of Friends to my gym.

Or I will come teach at your home or business!

Family and group discounts!   



Jack Eastman 385-319-8396

 Pete Smith 385-298-7942



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